Research Groups

LLUI currently has five core axes of research. Find out more about their individual research, technical infrastructure and publications as well as their interdisciplinary research.

Neuroplasticity & Learning

The Neuroplasticity & Learning Lab at LLUI lies at the nexus of neuroscience and clinical application. Our mission is to uncover the underlying mechanisms that drive neurological function and recovery by comprehensive assessments of both neurophysiology and behavior.


The main focus of the Neuronutrition group is to investigate gustatory and olfactory deficits in populations with neurological diseases, how such deficits impact dietary intake, and whether genetic variation within the gustatory and olfactory pathways influence the aforementioned.


The Neuropsychology research group is LLUI’s most recently established group and currently focuses on preliminary research looking into neuroplasticity and neuropsychological symptoms with patients in neurorehabilitation. Its research involves neuropsychological, psychopharmacological and physiological aspects.

Therapy Sciences

The Therapy Sciences group’s research encompasses rehabilitation of trunk control in patients after neurological diseases or nervous system trauma, as well as telerehabilitation and novel rehabilitation technologies along the continuum of care.

Rehabilitation Technology

The Rehabilitation Technology Lab develops and deploys novel technology solutions for rehabilitation into clinical practice. We are motivated to close the technology gap between healthcare and data-driven approaches to decision making for rehabilitation of persons with stroke or Parkinson’s Disease.

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