The main focus of the Neuronutrition group is to investigate gustatory and olfactory deficits in populations with neurological diseases, how such deficits impact dietary intake, and whether genetic variation within the gustatory and olfactory pathways influence the aforementioned. Our previous works have uncovered various novel genetic associations with gustatory perception, olfactory identification, and the liking of individual foods and food groups. For example, a recent genome wide association study presents a novel association between the regulator of G-protein signalling 9 (RGS9) gene and sweet food liking. In addition, we have shown neurological populations, including the elderly, suffer from declined sensory abilities, leading to a declined enjoyment of food and overall quality of life. Now, with a particular focus on stroke patients, the group aims to extend knowledge of the pathology of gustatory and olfactory deficits and determine whether specific rehabilitation protocols can be developed.

current projects

  • Personalised Palates
  • From Palate to Plate
  • Genetics and neurological disease

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