Data Analytics and Rehabilitation Technology

The DART Lab develops and deploys novel technology solutions for rehabilitation into clinical practice. We are motivated to close the technology gap between healthcare and data-driven approaches to decision making for rehabilitation of persons with stroke or Parkinson’s Disease. For this, we focus on movement rehabilitation in three main axes. We design, develop, and deploy novel technology tools from the ground up to enhance existing rehabilitation approaches. Our projects span the whole deployment process, from user-centered design, development, validation, implementation, and evaluation, to continuous improvement and development (CI/CD). We leverage gamification concepts in digital companions and games that can be used to enhance rehabilitation, independent of where you are. We develop digital data collection tools that can be used within existing clinical workflows for in- and outpatients to create large-scale longitudinal databases of movement quantity and quality. Throughout, our solutions are use-inspired and motivated through real clinical needs of patients and clinicians. We employ cutting edge digital design tools and software engineering approaches to rapidly prototype and iterate toward clinically impactful solutions. Our projects are scientifically grounded with rigorous design, validation, and evaluation studies throughout their development.

current projects

  • StimuLOOP
    • Integrated Haptics for Motor Relearning
    • Coherence as a marker for Motor Relearning
    • Explicit visual Feedback for Gait Modification
    • Handshake: AI-assisted Gait Deficit Identification
  • Perturbation-based Fall Prevention
  • Force fields for Gait Retraining
  • STRIDER – Gait Stability Estimation in Real World Environments
  • iActivity
  • iARAT
  • iGait
  • iSpeak

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