LLUI Symposium: Meet your Taste

Last week, Lake Lucerne Institute had the pleasure of hosting an esteemed lineup of international speakers, each offering valuable insights into the fields of taste science and personalised nutrition. The day began with an exploration into the influence taste exerts on dietary choices, guided by Professors Beverly Tepper, Yiannis Mavrommatis, and Paolo Gasparini. Their insights illustrated the intricate relationship between taste perception and consumption behaviours, emphasising the pivotal role taste plays in shaping our nutritional intake. Then, Professors Hannelore Daniel, Christian Sina, and Gregor Hasler led us through a comprehensive analysis of personalised nutrition, including its current potential and pathways for future advancements.

Following a tasteful lunch by the Neuro Culinary Center’s Chef Krisztian Rab, a presentation by the emerging, young researcher, Miss Silvia Camarda, unveiled a possible interplay between genetics and chocolate consumption before a deep dive from Professor Tilo Hühn demonstrating how we can manipulate the taste of chocolate by implementing novel preparation methods.

Bringing theory into practice, the day ended in an immersive workshop led by chef-professors Gabriella Morini and Carol Povigna. Here, participants engaged in a hands-on exploration, sampling and preparing a variety of nutritious alternatives to commonly consumed foods. This interactive session fostered a deeper understanding of the practical applications of taste science and personalised nutrition.

This symposium served as a nexus to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the realm of taste science and personalised nutrition. The collective experience and knowledge exchange fuelled a commitment to exploring the power of taste to cultivate health, wellness, and culinary delight.


Meet your Taste Research Symposium

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