14th European Nutrition Conference FENS 2023

The Neuronutrition research group recently presented their work at the Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) 2023 conference, held in Belgrade, Serbia. FENS, a federation consisting of 27 European nutrition societies, convenes once every four years. The Neuronutrition group made a significant impact with four presentations. Professor Paolo Gasparini delivered a scientific symposium talk on ‘sensory capacities and their impact on eating behaviour, diet, and health’, uncovering the intricate connections between sensory capacities and nutritional choices. Dr Catherine Graham further delved into this topic with an oral presentation, providing insights into sensory deficits within neurological conditions. Lastly, Harry Stevens and Francesco Piluso, PhD candidates, discussed the interplay between genetics and sensory experiences through poster presentations. This collective body of work not only advances our understanding of the sensory aspects of nutrition but also emphasises the interdisciplinary nature of neuronutrition research. The Neuronutrition group’s engagement at FENS 2023 exemplifies their commitment to defining the complexities of sensory science in relation to nutrition and genetics.

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