Lake Lucerne Institute (LLUI) is a newly founded research center in Vitznau expanding on projects conducted by cefir (Cereneo Foundation – Center for Interdisciplinary Research). We employ an interdisciplinary team of researchers motivated to close the gap between theory and practice and promote novel and interdisciplinary research. We believe scientific excellence can only be achieved collaboratively and work closely with a wealth of national and international academic as well as clinical partners. As a non-profit we focus on producing high impact scientific outputs along with open datasets and digital methods that we aim to publish in adherence to the FAIR principles. We provide our scientists with cutting-edge technology and try to present learning opportunities to the next generation of scientists in our many labs in Hertenstein and Vitznau.



Data Science


We believe that providing scientific excellence can sustainably improve individual wellbeing as well as positively impact society as a whole.

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Lake Lucerne Institute AG
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