Neuroplasticity & Learning

The Neuroplasticity & Learning Lab at LLUI lies at the nexus of neuroscience and clinical application. Our mission is to uncover the underlying mechanisms that drive neurological function and recovery by comprehensive assessments of both neurophysiology and behavior. Our overarching goal is to use these insights to develop new therapeutic strategies and improve the quality of life for individuals affected by neurological conditions. At the Neuroplasticity & Learning Lab, we are committed to advancing our understanding of the brain’s neurophysiology and its remarkable ability to recover from neurological challenges. Our research areas include multimodal approaches using an array of electrophysiological techniques, including TMS, tDCS, MRI, and EEG, to monitor neural activity. This comprehensive approach enables us to uncover the neurophysiological foundations of brain function and recovery from multiple perspectives. We explore the potential of neurostimulation as a powerful tool for facilitating neurological recovery, particularly in individuals recuperating from stroke. Our objective is to fine-tune neurostimulation protocols to optimize rehabilitation outcomes. We investigate the intricacies of motor control and learning, seeking to understand the underlying mechanisms that govern skill acquisition and adaptation in both healthy individuals and those affected by neurological disorders. Fatigue is a ubiquitous however often neglected phenomenon in most neurological conditions. Our lab is aiming to uncover its neurophysiological underpinnings and its impact on neurological function. We explore strategies to mitigate and manage fatigue in individuals with neurological conditions.

Aktuelle Projekte

  • Neurocoupling
  • Finger Individuation & Proprioception 

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