The Master’s program in Precision Neurorehabilitation will be launched in the fall semester 2024 with a passarella. The program endows students with a deep understanding in neurorehabilitation and engineering. Students will receive broad expertise in neurorehabilitation pathways, from system-level understanding to underlying neural mechanisms.

Students will gain in-depth expertise in concepts and methodologies in neurorehabilitation and engineering. They will aquire communication and professional skills to lead teams in a variety of healthcare settings and across the neurorehabilitation industry.
Students will acquire the competences to critically analyze and evaluate evidence-based practices and scientific findings, fostering a reflective and informed approach to professional decision-making.
While PNR courses provide a clear academic approach to learning, students will be continuously exposed to clinical viewpoints and challenges through close integration with our clinical partner, cereneo.
Develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles and applications of neurorehabilitation technologies.
Gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on practical skills for the acquisition, processing, analysis and interpretation of digital health data.
Practical exercises transfering theoretical principles into practice.
Gain conceptual knowledge of neurorehabilitation from a human, data, and systems perspective.
Gain in depth knowledge on pathophysiology of neurological disorders with movement symptoms.
Understand and be able to consider holistic aspects of neurorehabilitation to implement highly precise, personalized treatment solutions.
Gain advanced knowledge in motor learning principles, neuroplasticity and learning.
Learn how such principles turn into evidence-based practice.
Gain advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the interaction between behavioral outcomes and motor learning principles.

All teaching and course material is in English.

Onsite bootcamps, workshops & lectures

Hands-on experience in cutting edge rehabilitation

teaching blocks

Who can apply?

Everyone holding a B.Sc. in Health Sciences, Physiotherapy, or an adjacent field can apply for admission to our Master’s program. Admission for those with differing educational backgrounds will be considered on a case-by-case basis (“sur dossier”).
The Master’s comprises core modules worth 90 ECTS with an initial additional 30 ECTS (Passarella) designed to provide all students with a common understanding of the clinical and academic aspects of neurorehabilitation, regardless of their background.
Individual evaluation of your background and degree record will be conducted to plan the Passarella courses that you may be required to undertake. This approach aims to level applicants’ initial knowledge across differing fields and academic backgrounds.
We aim to accommodate students wanting to complete their studies while working part-time.

Lake Lucerne Institute is aiming for institutional accreditation as a university institute. The master’s program is devised as a Master of Science as defined by SwissUniversities standards.


Sandra Giovanoli, Education coordinator

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